Dir. Jacob Allinson, 6min.

I wrote this screenplay in a quick burst of energy. The first draft was essentially the final draft and Jacob (el director) shot it on a single hot summer night in Atlanta. We went on to show at several festivals and snagged an award in the process.


Dir. Jacob Allinson, 29min.

The second short film I wrote for Jacob. He wanted to do something bigger and more ambitious so we pulled some inspiration from films like Hell or High Water and Mud. The end result was pretty awesome. We made some buzz on the festival circuit and won numerous awards for narrative, acting, and directing.


A scene from indie film Suicide Watch. My first indie was a bit of a train wreck, so this was a do-over of sorts. Kevin Smith’s Clerks has always been a huge inspiration for me and I wanted to do something in the same vein — an homage if you will. I funded the majority of the project out of my own pocket (about $6,000) .

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A short film my homies and I did for fun. We didn’t try to overthink this one and took the opportunity to experiment in certain areas. Shot in one day and in an alternate timeline, it won SXSW, Sundance, Tribeca, and Cannes (you’ll get the joke if you watch the DAMN. thing).


This was my anti-film film. I fully indulged in the pretentious nature of being an “auteur” as they call it. This film is like when a white guy paints Basquiat and simultaneously misses the irony of a white guy painting Basquiat.


Short film I produced and co-wrote (story) the first year I moved to Los Angeles. The goal was to do a Hitchcock-Scorsese mash-up in themes, characters, and style. Fair warning, very explicit language and content.