You should listen to IDK's new album.


I’m a major Hip-Hop fan and I actively try to listen to as many different artists as possible. IDK was someone I came across a couple years ago when he dropped his IWasVeryBad mixtape and found it pretty enjoyable. I tend to like a lot of the newer/younger artists due to the energy that they bring to the music. Older artists, your Nas’s and Jay Z’s are more subdued and calm. Which is nice of course, but even at 32-years old I still need that reckless fix every now and then.

A couple days ago, he put out his official debut album, Is He Real? and I have to say, this is quite the project. It’s conceptual and is an expressive musing/soliloquy about the nature of life and God. Though, it would be irresponsible to call this a religious album because it’s far from it. I think one of the great things about this album is that it balances aspects that are blunt and up front while also being more subversive. Without going to much into detail, because part of the fun of this album is unraveling it’s meaning, the concept touches on how microcosmic tragedy catapults someone into questioning the very concept of their original beliefs. Microcosmic is key here because we’re not talking about something like a natural disaster or war. It’s very concentrated.

The production on this project is exceptional and really utilizes all available sounds and formulas that Hip-Hop has been introduced to while also remaining cohesive and smooth from song to song. The interluding skits/transitions are really entertaining and pondering. This is an album that provides not just good songs to listen to but an experience as well. It’s softly cinematic.

Peep it please.