Scripts Galore! by Zach Quiñones

Slowly over the last year I’ve been getting back into screenwriting (which has so far been my bread and butter). I’ve finally been able to find my groove again and have finished 4 scripts - a pilot, a short, and two features. I’m pretty happy with them too and I actually think spending the last couple years writing articles and “community blogs” has beefed up my skills more than I anticipated.

As far as the scripts, the pilot is a cartoon series. The short is kind of a black comedy type thing that I intend to shoot in a month or two. The two scripts: one is a drama/crime while the other is a black comedy/drama. I’m sure you’re noticing a theme here.

I have a couple ideas for some article type blog posts that I think I’ll be putting up soon. I still enjoy that type of writing and it’s less stressful to be honest.

Listening to:
Young Thug’s So Much Fun